We appreciate your participation and support over the last 10 years as we celebrate our 10th anniversary in 2014!

Enjoy the FNS 10th Anniversary Celebration slide show!

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Thank you very much for your great 3day facilitation training! Actually today I have also done another meeting based on your training. This is the 2nd meeting of HR global HR functions. At the 1st meeting, we gave a lot of input for participants and to be honest it was not effective. This time, I showed 3Os as well as great question for brainstorming. After the silent brainstorming, they share their answers each other, respectively with team members. So what was happening? They really discuss a lot, I have never seen... After that, I have successfully identify the most important action with voting. Some of participants want to learn facilitation from me, this is amazing!
Anyhow I have to learn more from you. How do I find next step?
Best yasushi