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Facilitators Network Singapore provides professional facilitation training and services for effective corporate retreats, strategic planning, group decision-making, board meetings, stakeholder focus group consultation and engagement.

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Very useful. Interesting, insightful and interactive. Well done! It was a good 'facilitation' session. Everyone had a chance to speak in a fun supportive environment.

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We felt the hours flying away and we were also allowed to learn painlessly throughout.... much better than some of the excruciating courses attended in the past.

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I have attended a few retreats conducted by FNS and I find that amongst all the consultants that we have engaged so far, FNS seems to understand the corporate culture in Singapore the best!

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Certification helps me distinguish myself in the industry.

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  • "I am very honoured to be a CCF. In the process of CCF certification, I have made great progress and improvement in my facilitation ability.
    In future, I will strictly base on the CCF requirements to continue learning. Thanks once again!"

    Wesley Chen Yongjie - December 2018
    Principal of New Retail,Taobao University,Alibaba Group
  • "I have attended a few retreats conducted by FNS and I find that amongst all the consultants that we have engaged so far,
    FNS seems to understand the corporate culture in Singapore the best."

    Former APEC Secretariat staff - 2018
  • Give it a try! Anyone can benefit from this course! We facilitate relationships all the time!

    Angie - 2018
  • It has many hands-on experience, and not delivered with just boring lectures.

    Ms Lijun - 2018
    Yishun Health
  • As long as you need to facilitate, you really won't want to miss this.

    Chan Kuak Chow - 2018
    Talent & Resource Manager
  • "If you want to become a professional facilitator, just join SPOT on Facilitation in Singapore"

    Somuk Ninatana - 2018
    Certified Master Facilitator, Thailand
  • One’s confidence (in facilitation) will increase and new techniques learnt can be applied immediately.

    Mathiranan Thisu - 2018
  • Be open minded as there are always new things to learn (and apply),
    as we will always be facilitating meetings or brainstorming ideas.

    Kylie Yeo - 2018
    Engineer, Roche
  • This course is helpful even if you do not intend to become a certified facilitator.
    You can learn how to achieve objectives through effective meetings and reduce unnecessary long meetings.
    Most importantly, learn to understand your teammates and how to work well with others.

    Avena Tan - 2018
  • "If your work requires facilitation then I will strongly recommend you to this programme"

    Go Choi Ling - 2018
    Development Consultant - Takecharge Asia
  • "Highly recommended! Heavy session but very effective!
    The way how the training is designed makes the learning more effective and engaging!"

    Jane Xu - 2018
    Head of Talent Management & Learning, Adidas, S.E.A.P. A. C

Category: Self Enrichment

Written/Edited by Prabu Naidu, Janice Lua

SPOT on Facilitation offers much insight on the art and science of process facilitation. Centred around the easy-to-follow FNS 4D Facilitation® Model, the book presents a wide array of effective tools and practices that extend its benefits to interactions between individuals or groups. Whether you are a facilitator, teacher, trainer, lecturer, coach, consultant, chairperson of a meeting, or someone tasked with the facilitation of groups, you will find this book a handy guide in helping you to engage people and empower teams to exceed desired goals.

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Or join thousands who have benefited from attending our signature workshop by the same title ‘SPOT on Facilitation’

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FNS has received SkillsFuture Course Support for SPOT on 2.0 Facilitation workshop for the past 2 years and this will end on 28 Sep 2019. FNS will not be renewing our application and will be updating our website accordingly.

We encourage you to enrol your staff in our SPOT on 2.0 Facilitation workshops in July - Sept 2019, if you wish to qualify for SkillsFuture course funding.


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FNS provides certified facilitators for innovation and change management workshops incorporating IDEO’s Design Thinking, ExperienceInnovationTM Aware and ExperienceInnovationTM Learn by ExperiencePoint.

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