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Facilitators Network Singapore provides professional facilitation training and services for effective corporate retreats, strategic planning, group decision-making, board meetings, stakeholder focus group consultation and engagement.

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FNS Co-Founders on why you need Facilitation Skills today.
This video explains the steps required to earn your Certified Master Facilitator® (CMF®) designation from INIFAC–the highest credential in the industry!

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I have attended many retreats with facilitators before but I find that Facilitators Network Singapore is really world-class!
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We felt the hours flying away and we were also allowed to learn painlessly throughout.... much better than some of the excruciating courses attended in the past.
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I have attended a few retreats conducted by FNS and I find that amongst all the consultants that we have engaged so far, FNS seems to understand the corporate culture in Singapore the best!
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Certification helps me distinguish myself in the industry.
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I will strongly recommend you to go for the course! The skills are not just for a group process facilitator but can be used in many real life scenarios.
SPOT Participant
2023 September
Prabu & Janice were able to impart practical facilitation skills that are applicable to my work. I enjoyed the hands-on work that made the course enriching.
Glenford Koh
Principal Career Coach, Workforce Singapore
2023 July
The SPOT facilitation workshop provides a solid and practical foundation for process facilitation. I would thoroughly recommend this course both for professional trainers/facilitators as well as any manager who needs to facilitate meetings with complex problems and multiple stakeholders.
Herbert Lian
Partner, TalentKraft Pte Ltd
2023 July

White Paper on Singapore Women's Development

The White Paper on Singapore Women’s Development was released on 28 March 2022. It advances to contribute and grow in a fairer and more inclusive society where men and women partner each other as equals, and both can pursue their aspirations freely and to the fullest.

The White Paper is informed by the insights gathered from the Conversations on Singapore Women’s Development. Nearly 6,000 Singaporeans participated in 160 conversations.

FNS is honoured to have been part of this change process. 24 of our associate facilitators facilitated over 140 participants in March and April 2021 covering three sessions, one in Mandarin, English and Malay respectively.

You can read the White Paper at https://www.reach.gov.sg/participate/conversations-on-singapore-womens-development.

White Paper on Singapore Women's Development

FNS facilitated a series of meaningful workshops from September to October 2019 for citizens on recycling right in Singapore

9 recycling ideas proposed at final session of citizens' workgroup
A workgroup comprising members of the public recently discussed ways to improving household recycling in Singapore - facilitated by FNS in September 2019.


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Key Learnings as a Project Manager and Lead Facilitator

Recently, we completed a three-month project for an organisation where we were engaged to review their workplace culture and values. For the first time, I took on the roles of project manager and lead facilitator. Janice, FNS co-founder and FNS project sponsor, mentored the project team and me. In this article, I am sharing my key learnings from this project from both the project management and workshop execution perspectives.

Unleashing the Power of Facilitation – My Personal Experience

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving business world, the role of a facilitator has gained a more significant role than we might realize. Attending a community of practice (CoP) session hosted by Janice and Prabu opened my eyes to the power of facilitation competency and its roots in organisational theory. It was an enlightening experience for me and emphasised the importance of learning better facilitation skills. In this article, I will share my key takeaways from the CoP session and explore how becoming a better facilitator can elevate a workshop from good to great.


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Certified EP Facilitator & Reseller


FNS provides certified facilitators for innovation and change management workshops incorporating IDEO’s Design Thinking, ExperienceInnovationTM Aware and ExperienceInnovationTM Learn by ExperiencePoint.

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