September 2020

What You Need to Know About Remote Learning [Infographic]

Whether we like it or not, remote learning is here to stay. We can embrace it and choose to bring value to the process.

Why social media and Zoom meetings leave us hungry for more nutritious forms of interactions

Virtual meetings are not intrinsically wrong. But they are not sufficient, in human physiological terms, to sustain what we have come to need after 300,000 years of evolution.

7 Habits of Happy People You Can Learn

Here are a few habits that are attributed to happy people.


In its simplest form, wellbeing is your ability to feel good and function effectively. It gives you the resources to navigate the highs and lows we all experience in our work and our lives, while enabling you to intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically ‘flourish.’ As a result, studies are finding that people who have higher levels of wellbeing reap all sorts of benefits.

What Is a Type C Personality? 10 Signs You Are One

Studies show that type C personality has a really difficult time expressing his or her emotions. Type C’s are more likely than any other personality type to repress their feelings.

3 Tips For Learning To Communicate In A Masked World

Now, partially hidden faces will obscure those features that we rely on to convey mood and emotion. Employees will need help from the workplace to ensure that everyone is communicating clearly. Organizations can help employees become more aware of and compensate for these communication deficits through training and other opportunities that enable them to engage on this issue. With that goal in mind, here are three suggestions for strengthening workplace communications in a masked world.