5 Common Communications Challenges — and 5 Tips for Effective Communication in the Workplace

Whether you’re working from home or in an office, communication is critical to the success of your organization and its employees. Effective communication plays a key role in building strong, productive teams that work collaboratively toward a common goal.

Why facilitation is important for our future economy

I remember the first time I stepped into the SPOT on FacilitationTM training by Facilitators Network Singapore (FNS). I thought most would be professional facilitators who worked regularly with focus group discussions, strategic retreats, and board meetings.

If you’re a SME, here’s why change starts from the bottom

I remember the time my previous organisation was planning a work-plan meeting for the next financial year.

Why Process Facilitation Isn’t About Me

As a speaker and trainer, I used to think it was all about me. It was about how well I could craft the story, deliver the content, and make the audience laugh.

Why virtual may not have changed process facilitation

If you’ve been working over the past 18 months, you’ve probably been in online meetings. Too many online meetings.

The Characteristics of Effective Leaders

The Think-Feel-Do leaders.

3 Myths about Listening You Might Not Have Thought Of

I remember being in a board meeting. The coffee and cake sit on the table behind us. There are bits and pieces of cake in front of the other attendees in the room. There’s lots of coffee cups in the room. This discussion has required attendees to be powered by caffeine, to have that jolt of caffeine to supercharge their brain juices.

Building Connections and Facilitating Personal Transformation with Millennials

Introduction When you think about millennials, what are the words that come to mind? For me, it is one of […]

Preparing Your Organization for the Shift to Hybrid Work – Zoom Blog

The world of work is changing. In the past, organizations have traditionally followed one of two work models: in-office where everyone is in the office every day, or remote, where employees work in off-site locations that are located wherever they are.

However, recent global events have forced organizations to rethink how and where they work. With recent advances in technology, many organizations are considering a hybrid work model in which employees are given the choice to work in the office, remotely, or a mixture of both.

Case study: Ricoh’s success in creating a more engaged workforce

Discover how Ricoh, a company renowned for technological innovation, strengthened its culture of recognition and enabled its employees to feel connected and engaged anytime, anywhere.

The Future of Work is Hybrid: Thriving in the New Normal – IDEO U

The Future of Work is Hybrid: Here’s How to Thrive The Future of Work is Hybrid: Thriving in the New Normal.

Hybrid is harder, but it holds the potential for increased creativity and innovation.

How technology can transform learning and education

The rapid advent of technology in all aspects of our lives has shifted the debate of whether technology should be used in education to how it can be used to prepare our youth to become confident citizens of a modern society.

Since technology affects the health, wealth and productivity of a citizen, any form of education that does not empower the learner with the necessary skills and dispositions to thrive in a highly technology-centric world is inadequate.

Technology is a human product. It is a tool designed to aid and empower us to create, communicate and collaborate better.

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