Why We Need a Fresh Approach to Managing Conflicts

Process facilitation is a great way to manage conflicts. It offers a fresh approach that can resolve the issue in less time. It also promotions better communication skills and that is a key part of conflicts being reduced or eliminated. Many of the methods used for managing conflicts right now aren’t efficient enough. They may take too long or they may not get to the core of the real issues.

10 Tips For Facilitating Youth Activities

Basically for planning any youth activities you want to do 3 things, Engage, Experience and End. To engage is to set the tone with clear and eloquent instructions. Then the learning must be something experienced. When they are actively involved they will have more chance of concentrating and remembering.

7 Reasons why your meetings are unproductive

Have you ever sat in a meeting where you wished you had not turned up? If you are reading this, my guess is you had. Or you may even be the one who had called for the meeting and regretted it after the meeting got started.

5 Most Essential Skills in a Student Leader

No one is born with all the essential leadership qualities. Becoming a good leader requires important leadership skills. Learning and developing good leadership skills as a student leader will serve the student well when they leave a learning environment and step into the business world.