Celebrating 2015 and Welcoming 2016

FNS Greeting 2016

We appreciate you for your participation and support in our 2015 events. Thank you! We would like to celebrate with you some of our achievements last year and share some of our plans for 2016.

Certified Competent Facilitators (CCF) in 2015

We had our first two CCFs in Singapore and four CCFs in Shanghai, China, making it a total of 15 CCFs in Asia. The CCF is a mark of distinction attesting that you meet the 30 INIFAC Competencies and setting you on your journey towards the INIFAC Certified Master Facilitator.  We are also grooming CCF English-Chinese bilingual assessors so that the CCF assessment becomes available in China.

SPOT on Facilitation 2nd edition

We are pleased to announce that the 2nd edition of SPOT on Facilitation book is now published. The updates include enhanced illustrations and improved clarity on some topics. It includes a comparison of the CCF, CMF and CPF certification processes; Action Planning; clearer 3Os examples; a new table explaining the differences between coaches, mentors, facilitators, trainers, consultants, leaders, managers, & mediators;  and the size of the book itself has been enlarged with bigger font size and photographs to make it more reader friendly. The price is SGD39 plus delivery charges (add SGD10 within Singapore and SGD 25 for outside of Singapore).

Myanmar Facilitation Conference 2015

Together with our partners in Myanmar, we organised the first Facilitators Conference in Yangon in May 2015.  It was their dream come true and we are happy we could play a part in it.

We have been building the capacity of our partners in Myanmar to train group process facilitators because we believe the trained local facilitators are and will be contributing towards the peaceful transformation of Myanmar into a developing economy in the coming years.

FNS Corporate Social Responsibility in 2015

As the saying goes, as you give, you also receive. By offering volunteer facilitators for Beyond Social Services (BSS), Alzheimer’s Disease Association (ADA) and NUS-APA, we’ve provided opportunities for our facilitators to hone their skills while doing our part for the community. Read more at: https://fns.sg/social-environmental-responsibility/ and

https://fns.sg/fns-volunteer-facilitators-help-with-rejoice-retreat-for-beyond-social-services-on-12-december-2015/ (Volunteer Facilitators (VFs) helping BSS & ADA with their process facilitation requirements).

Our heartfelt appreciation to all VFs who contributed in 2015.

If you would like to contribute as a VF in 2016, please email admin@fns.sg

Providing competent facilitators for client assignments

We have provided trained facilitators for a number of engagements in 2015 including PA, LTA, SDC, APEC, schools and many other private organisations.  It is vital that we continue to field trained and certified process facilitators to the people, private and public sectors to ensure responsible facilitation at high standards that produces effective results for our client and their stakeholders. We thank you for helping us fulfill our commitment in raising the respect from the industry for our profession.

Our 2016 plans

We will continue with our regional development in Asia through carefully selected responsible and ethical partners. In response to clients’ requirements, we need more CCFs in our teams for paid assignments. We will continue to search for and welcome those who are team players, committed to high standards, and invest in their own personal development. We will start identifying NexGen facilitators as part of succession planning. We plan to engage the users of facilitation more regularly for us to know their needs better and for them to know what help is available. To meet our clients’ needs better, we will also be publishing new SPOT series of books on applied facilitation.

Thank you for being with us in this meaningful journey in 2015, working alongside with us to fulfil our Vision and Mission in service to our community, our clients and their stakeholders!

FNS Vision: To be the leading regional hub of competent facilitators.

FNS Mission: Advocate and raise the professional practice of process facilitation so as to enhance the credibility of the profession and provide value added services to our stakeholders.

Guided by our Values: (AIR-V)

Upholding trustworthiness by being true to ourselves and others.

Fostering synergistic partnership amongst the private, public and people sectors and embracing diversity in people and facilitation methods.

Achieving objectives and outcomes through effective and responsible facilitation.

Promoting the contribution of time and expertise for the benefit of the community as a social responsibility.

Wishing all of you a fulfilling year ahead!
FNS Core Team:  Janice – Saba – Hong Li – Seng Teck – Prabu