Certified Competent Facilitator (CCF) Workshop

Certified Competent Facilitator (CCF) Workshop

Facilitators: Janice Lua and Prabu Naidu

Certification enhances your opportunity for assignments that require certified process facilitators.

CCF is assessed and awarded by FNS, endorsed by INIFAC. It is based on the INIFAC Core Competencies for becoming an INIFAC Certified Master Facilitator (CMF). CCF Certification affirms that you have met the INIFAC Core Competencies as a professional process facilitator at the 2.5 level out of 5.

This workshop informs and guides you in preparing for the ultimate INIFAC Certified Master Facilitator (CMF).

This workshop is for
Professionals seeking to understand what is required to apply for an internationally recognised certification in group process facilitation.

Event Date/Time
♣ 8 December 2014 (Mon) / 8:30am – 5:30pm
Venue: FNS Centre@OBH2Fee for *Non-Corporate

♣ Date will be confirmed mutually with interested participants when the minimum numbers of participants is met.

Fee for *Non-Corp  SGD 190.00
Fee for Corporate/Government/All Others SGD 290.00