How do I get Certified as CCF?

Thank you for your interest in Certified Competent Facilitator (CCF) certification.

Please refer to the CCF application process guide and CCF Process Flow Infographics at https://fns.sg/certification/ which will give you an overview and the details needed for the certification, as well as the course fees. Typically, the certification consists of a video assessment and detailed documentation of at least 7 distinct cases and demonstration of various competencies. The annexes and video case would be provided upon payment of fees.

If you would like more indepth knowledge about CCF assessment, do check out our website periodically for the next run of “CCF workshop” to help you understand more about the competencies framework. The workshop, which is supplementary in nature, is aimed at creating deeper understanding of the requirements, and not intended to serve as a guarantee one’s certification.

For those who are new to facilitation, FNS also offers courses on basic and advanced facilitation, the information can be found at: https://fns.sg/workshops-singapore/. After the course, if attendees are interested, the first step is usually to offer services as volunteer facilitators for NPOs to practice and sharpen facilitation skills, and to build up their portfolio.

Wishing you a fruitful facilitation journey.

We look forward to your enquiries at admin@fns.sg