Facilitators Network Singapore (FNS), Capacity Building Initiative (CBI) and Myanmar Development Professionals (MDP) jointly organised the 2nd Myanmar Facilitation Conference (MFC 2018) in Mandalay on 5 – 6 April 2018 on “Achieving Better Results Through Facilitation”.

34 participants from the business and non-government (NGO) sectors discussed how to “Achieve Better Results” through Future Search (http://futuresearch.net/) large group facilitation method facilitated by Prabu Naidu and Janice Lua, Certified Master Facilitators by International Institute for Facilitation (INIFAC). Participants were capacity building, children/women/gender, international NGOs and commercial training industries representatives.

Participants experienced empowerment and self-organisation in the multiple stakeholder conversations and achieved better consensus through the power of facilitation. At the conference closing, when asked “Would you like to have a conference in 2020?”, all hands went up. We invite you to join us at MFC 2020, our 3rd Myanmar Facilitation Conference.

Click here to download MFC2018 Future Search Report.