Why do Facilitators need Certification?

Regarding facilitator ’s certification, the most frequently asked questions that we have encountered include:

What are the authoritative, international certifications available?

Why go for certification? What will certification bring?

What are the conditions and requirements for application?

What are the fees?

Becoming a more effective Process Facilitator: Key Lessons Learned from my Mistakes

Reflecting on my learning journey from school to tertiary level and into adult learning, I realize I have forgotten much of the academic and theoretical contents.  Fortunately, certain valuable experiential lessons withstood the passing of time and have remained vividly etched in my mental compass.  Kudos to wise teachers and trainers who have the gracious gumption to point out my weaknesses and mistakes rather than heaping praises that get me swell-headed.

Unlearning one’s way towards being a more effective Process Facilitator

Recently, I had the good fortune of completing the Advanced Facilitation Programme organised by the Institute for Adult Learning and led by Prabu Naidu and Janice Lua.  At the Oral Assessment, I conveyed to Prabu and Janice how I marvel at the ingenuity of the diagrammatic depiction of the FNS (Facilitators Network Singapore) 4D Facilitation Model.  Amazingly, beyond the key stages from D1 to D4, the model comprehensively and succinctly encapsulates the cornerstone, underlying precepts and navigational guideposts for effective process facilitation, all into a single diagram!