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The Facilitators Network Singapore is a self-funding professional social enterprise. We collaborate with partners and international organisations to advocate and raise the professionalism of facilitators in Singapore and the region.


Check out the International Institute for Facilitation (INIFAC, USA) for these:

  1. What are the benefits to you becoming a CMF?
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  2. Certified Master Facilitator
    Certified Master Facilitator Certification | INIFAC, The International Institute for Facilitation

FNS is affiliated with The International Institute for Facilitation (INIFAC).

The mission of the International Institute for Facilitation is to maintain and promote a program of certification for facilitators at the Masters level. The title Certified Master Facilitator™ is a mark of excellence in facilitation. It distinguishes you as having achieved the highest certification available in the industry.

FNS supports and encourages the certification rigour of INIFAC CMF.

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FNS is a strategic Partner with SIMDUSTRY and is certified to deliver the highly engaging Managing3 business simulation training in Singapore.

Managing3 – finance, strategy and people – the 3 leadership pillars.

FNS is a licensed reseller with ExperiencePoint and has certified trainers to conduct these design thinking training:

ExperienceInnovation™ | Aware
introduces you to essential design thinking techniques, mindsets and behaviours in a hands-on format in 90min.

ExperienceInnovation™ | Learn
steps you through the essentials of an innovation project in an engaging half-day or full-day workshop while applying the three phases of design thinking.

FNS is affiliated with The Ryan Group Inc and is certified to provide the Tabletop Business Simulations for change, strategy, cost mapping, creativity and innovation, knowledge transfer, and business savvy.

Approved Dynamic Facilitation Workshop provider in Singapore and Asia by Dynamic Facilitation Associates, USA


Partners in China

SPOT Licensee for Shanghai

Certified SPOT Trainers

Martin Jiang
Annie Xie
William Wu Jiansun
Eddie Ying
Deborah Wang
Michael Zhang
Cliff Chen

SPOT Licensee for Jiangsu

Certified SPOT Trainers

Louis Seah
Michelle Cai
Peter Wang (undergoing certification)
Ruth Guo (undergoing certification)

SPOT Licencee for Guangdong

Certified SPOT Trainers

Kenny Wang Yanguang
Annie Zhang Yanli

SPOT Licencee for Zhejiang

Certified SPOT Trainers

David Zhu Minghua
Rachel Zhangwei

FIT (Facilitation in Training) Licencee for Guangdong

SPOT partner for Beijing and FIT partner for Shanghai

Partner in Japan

SPOTlight Licencee for Japan

Certified SPOTlight Trainers

Hideyuki Yoshioka
Stefan Nüsperling

Partners in Myanmar

Certified SPOT Trainers

Pyi Sone Nyein
Myat Thandar Ko
Tay Zar Aung
Swe Sin Mya
Thar Pyae Phyo
Su Mon Lwin

Certified SPOT Trainers

Pyi Sone Nyein