Recognizing and Understanding Bias

Recognizing and Understanding Bias


Facilitator: Paul Stuart

We live in an ever more diverse World – China is now the largest English speaking nation, for the first time we will soon have 4 generations in the workplace at the same time, on-line interaction is rapidly replacing face-to-face communication and so the need to need to appreciate, understand and value diverse perspectives has never been so vital. And yet for the majority of us this is far more difficult than it sounds, due to ingrained bias and stereotyping. This workshop will explore our unconscious biases and their hidden impacts and introduce tools and techniques to control these biases to help create a more inclusive, and thus more effective; working environment.

This workshop is for

  1. Facilitators, Trainers, Coaches, Lecturers, Consultants, Managers and Project Leaders who want to recognize and understand their own biases and the impact they may have on their everyday inter-actions and decision making.
  2. Anyone else who would like to create a more inclusive environment in their teams, departments, projects, meetings, workshops etc.

Event Date/Time
21 November 2014 (Fri) / 8:30am-5:30pm
Venue: FNS Centre@OBH2  **

Early Bird Fee for *Non-Corp        SGD 290.00 (Before 20 October 2014)
Early Bird Fee for Corporate/Government/All Others SGD 390.00 (Before 20 October 2014)
Standard Fee for All  SGD 490.00 (21 October 2014 onwards)