SPOT 3.0 on Facilitation Workshop (Singapore)

Location: Singapore
Time: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm

Please click for Location Map and Parking charges at Oxley BizHub 2


The fee for the three-day workshop is SGD1,990 (before GST) for one person.

Workshop Slots Available
SPOT190: SPOT 3.0 on Facilitation Workshop
25-27 October 2023
Registration Closed
SPOT191: SPOT 3.0 on Facilitation Workshop
22-24 November 2023
Registration Closed
SPOT192: SPOT 3.0 on Facilitation Workshop
6-8 December 2023
Registration Closed
SPOT193: SPOT 3.0 on Facilitation Workshop
24-26 January 2024
12 seats left
SPOT194: SPOT 3.0 on Facilitation Workshop
21-23 February 2024
12 seats left
SPOT195: SPOT 3.0 on Facilitation Workshop
20-22 March 2024
12 seats left
SPOT196: SPOT 3.0 on Facilitation Workshop
24-26 April 2024
12 seats left
SPOT197: SPOT 3.0 on Facilitation Workshop
15-17 May 2024
12 seats left
SPOT198: SPOT 3.0 on Facilitation Workshop
17-19 July 2024
12 seats left
SPOT199: SPOT 3.0 on Facilitation Workshop
21-23 August 2024
12 seats left
SPOT200: SPOT 3.0 on Facilitation Workshop
25-27 September 2024
12 seats left
SPOT201: SPOT 3.0 on Facilitation Workshop
23-25 October 2024
12 seats left
SPOT202: SPOT 3.0 on Facilitation Workshop
20-22 November 2024
12 seats left
SPOT203: SPOT 3.0 on Facilitation Workshop
4-6 December 2024
12 seats left

Engaging People. Empowering Teams. Exceeding Goals.

For anyone who desires to help any group achieve its goals effectively.

You gain competence and confidence in:

  • Opening meetings.
  • Distinguishing consulting, training, coaching & group process facilitation.
  • Applying FNS 4D Facilitation® Model in facilitated interventions.
  • Using GOAB-P to keep your meetings focused and on-time.
  • Honing the art (soft skills) of facilitation using QLASS 3.0.
  • Smart scribing and crafting concise & precise statements.
  • Providing & receiving constructive feedback to & from peers.
  • Deploying 14 divergent & convergent tools for group meetings.
  • Designing for 5 common meeting scenarios.
  • Knowing INIFAC PAC3E Competencies, CCF™ /CMF™ Certification process.
  • Creating conducive physical & psychological space for meetings.
  • Managing Difficult Participants with SIODA.
  • Using Participatory Engagement Techniques (PETs).
  • Closing meetings.


Consistent with the quality assurance ethos of FNS:

  • The entire learning experience is carefully curated for retention and recall of newly acquired knowledge.
  • Experiential learning via our Participatory Engagement Techniques (PETs) provides opportunities to practice and enhance facilitation skills.
  • Extensive feedback by peers and internationally certified FNS facilitators/coaches to build your confidence & abilities.
  • Case studies, examples & numerous micro tips from the field embed real world facilitation experience.

Participants will receive:

  1. SPOT on Facilitation (2023 Edition): Engaging People, Empowering Teams, Exceeding Goals by Prabu Naidu & Janice Lua.
  2. Facilitator’s tool kit containing key supplies for facilitation.
  3. Video recording for Day 3 facilitation practice and feedback.
  4. Pre & post engagement via FNS Learning Management System.
  5. Post training coaching by Certified Facilitators (Complimentary 60 mins, within 30 days).


For enquiries & registration, please email


Prabu & Janice were able to impart practical facilitation skills that are applicable to my work. I enjoyed the hands-on work that made the course enriching.
Glenford Koh
Principal Career Coach, Workforce Singapore
2023 July
The feedback is gold and very good. Micro-tips provided very good insights and contextualisation. I became more self-aware of my subconsicous language and expressions
Wong Fung Koi
Specialist, Infineon Technologies
2023 March
Learnt the facilitation tools, practiced it and received feedback. Had opportunities to observe how the experienced coaches would facilitate using the tools.
Liew Pei Ling
Senior Manager, National Council of Social Service
2022 October
The contents of this course is extremely useful for almost any setting and situation, I believe that all educators should be taught this, to be honest.
Dr. Mark Khei
2022 March
If you are looking for a 3-day workshop to better understand and learn about facilitation, this is it!
Camilla Lee
Land Transport Authority
2020 January


3 days (8 hours/day excluding lunch break). 8:30am to 5:30pm (ending time might be extended till 6:30pm depending on progress). We require 100% attendance and commitment from learners due to the subject matter, methodology & learning ecosystem we create. We are unable to accept ‘time-away’ requests as this will disrupt the learning process for you and others.

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  • Your participants can see what is going on, and you remain in control.
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  • Posts can be grouped, prioritised and analysed at the click of a button.
  • Export your data in a variety of formats for subsequent reporting.

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