This is the workshop for you to really equip yourself with the right and effective techniques for facilitation in different context. You will not have any regrets if you sign up! 

Jeddric Tan, Executive, Singapore University of Social Sciences - 2022 November

It's worth the investment!

Rose, Manager, Infineon Technologies - 2022 October

This workshop is great for those who want a hands on way to learn tried and tested frameworks and tools for facilitation from experienced and nurturing trainers!

SPOT Participant - 2022 October

Learnt the facilitation tools, practiced it and received feedback. Had opportunities to observe how the experienced coaches would facilitate using the tools.

Liew Pei Ling, Senior Manager, National Council of Social Service - 2022 October

Great application examples and practice sessions that will enable me to apply the content at work and home.

Lim Yuhan, Psychologist, MINDEF - 2022 September

Learnt how to facilitate better.

Bernard Ng Head, Regional HR FUJIFILM Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd - 2022 September

From theory to soft skills, you have covered it all. I feel more equipped to facilitate a session now!

Participant, 2022 September

You will learn skills useful at work and life even if you’re not going to be a full-time facilitator. 
The skills learnt and applied will support your growth as a person.

Participant, 2022 September

Go for it! You won’t know what facilitation really entails till you go for this!

Participant, 2022 September

Absolutely! If you want to make a difference, gain new knowledge and insights, go for it!

Nur Jannah, NUS - 2022 July

It is encouraging and insightful.
Russ Cheong, Deputy Director, REACH - 2022 June
The practice learning has been immensely helpful. This has been a great and practical course.
Lai Pak Wah, Principal, Biblical Graduate School Of Theology - 2022 March
The contents of this course is extremely useful for almost any setting and situation, I believe that all educators should be taught this, to be honest.

Dr. Mark Khei - 2022 March

Sign up! You won’t regret

Shabana Iqball, Senior Manager, National Gallery Singapore - 2022 February

Learned much about how to effectively facilitate a group of people. Did not know there were such thoroughly outlined processes involved and how we can leverage the many tools.

SPOT on Facilitation participant -  2021 October.

It was an immersive and fun experience, and best part is that we got to practise what we learnt and received comprehensive feedback.

Virtual Facilitation Workshop (VFW3.0) participant - 2021 October.

First of all, I would like to thank you for a very productive and insightful 3 day facilitation training.

I really found your program well designed for participants’ maximum learning and I have personally really learned a lot from the whole experience.

The practice and feedback sessions were immensely useful and helpful for our personal and professional development… so thank you for all those personalized feedback for each of us.

SPOT on Facilitation participant from Microsoft Singapore - 2021 September

Very hands-on process. Hardly any lecturing, teaching methodology was largely through demonstrations and letting us learn through trying, truly in the spirit of facilitation.

Facilitation Skills for OD Practitioners Participant - 2021 September

I would like to comment that I truly enjoyed the class. Not only do I get to learn the tools, I also get to experience the real life processes when executing different tools. I must say this is the only course that I did not feel tired / draggy and both of you have truly inspired me to pursue deeper in this field.

Participant-Yellow Ribbon Singapore - 2021 July

Highly recommended. Even a person like me who have many experiences in facilitating, there were still a lot for me to learn and practice during the workshop.

SPOTlight on Facilitation participant - 2021 March

If you wish to further your understanding in facilitation with real world insights, and have a great experiential learning journey, pls sign up.

Calvin Loo, Manager, Nanyang Polytechnic, 2020 March

I would like to express our great appreciation for facilitating our Management Retreat discussions on 16th – 17th Jan 2020.

It was a fruitful and productive 2 days. Our team had good fun too.

Assistant Director, Strategic Planning from charity sector on Strategic Planning Retreat, 2020 January

If you are looking for a 3-day workshop to better understand and learn about facilitation, this is it!

Camilla Lee, Land Transport Authority, 2020 January

It is a very hands-on & 'real session', where you get to practice facilitation.

Inah Margaua, Projects Integrator, Shell Philippines Exploration B.V, 2020 January

This is a good workshop. No matter whether you want to be a facilitator, this workshop will help you in your work environment. There is always a time, that you might need to facilitate a session.

Joshua Ngiam, Director, Animagine Pte Ltd, 2019 October

The learning is immense and you can really practise and hit the road running after the workshop

Bernadette Ho, Managing Director, Leading Insights Pte Ltd, 2019 July

Experienced facilitators in the field make the teachings relevant.

Hui Shi Gan, Assistant Manager, LTA, 2019 June

The process is amazing! I am now convinced that diversity and inclusion is the way to go!

Chief Operating Officer, Healthcare sector on Service Principles/Values workshop - 2019 June

I have attended many retreats with facilitators before but I find that Facilitators Network Singapore is really world-class!

Executive Director from Continuing Education sector on Strategic Planning Retreat - 2019 June

It was an interesting, passionate and most engaging session that got everyone to actively participate and contribute lots of suggestions and ideas.

K.Thanaletchimi, President, Healthcare Services Employees' Union - 2019 May

REACH Supervisory Panel Retreat

An eye opening and a new journey in my learning. One of the most practical and applicable courses that can be applied in any setting. Go for it. No regrets!

SPOT Participant - 2019 May

If you would like to learn about facilitation, this would be THE workshop to attend. The instructors are knowledgeable with actual experience in this area, and the workshop content is well-thought out with many details being paid attention to.

SPOT Participant - 2019 April

This workshop is well thought-out, with purposeful activities conducted in a conducive environment. The practice sessions allow for application of learning.

SPOT Participant - 2019 January

It is quite helpful and fruitful for one who is learning how to facilitate.

SPOT Participant - 2019 January

It is very beneficial, even for an individual to use in daily life.

SPOT Participant - 2019 January

It will enhance your journey of self-discovery.

SPOT Participant - 2019 January

Event was very organized, and we did not lose sight of purpose of our retreat.

Participant - 2019 January

Session was energising and refreshing for thought process in business planning for the future.

Participant - 2019 January

It will help you if you need to host or organise meetings or workshops that requires gathering of inputs and answers, and participation by participants.

SPOT Participant - 2019 January

It's amazing. Many things can be learned.

Rajesh Kumar - 2018
IRCC - Member, Clementi

Session was lively and engaging. It allowed us to relax while still working and thinking for KKH family!

Pauline Wee - 2019 January

It was really amazing that we could come out with the vision and strategic plans within a day.

Participant - 2019 January

Staff and facilitator are passionate in encouraging learning.

Liauw Wee Yang - 2019 January

Workshop is practical with practices.

Tan Kiah Wee PBM - 2019 January
IRCC - Chairman

Workshop is useful and learning in a fun way.

Chia Wea Eng - 2019 January
IRCC - Secretary

It's practical and useful. Well-ran and well-designed workshop. You learn a lot and application on the spot speeds up learning.

Cheng Yi Wei - 2018
Policy executive, MINDEF

You learn through hands-on practices and from one another. Angelyn - 2018 MINDEF

Very practical tips, including wisdom on taping up charts. The trainers were encouraging and supportive throughout the session.

Rachael Phua - 2018
Health Promotion Board

It is a skill, that if used / practised often, can yield fabulous results. Very hands-on, practical cases, relevant in today’s context.

Ong Chai Lin - 2018
Lecturer, Singapore Polytechnic

It’s gonna change your perception of facilitation!

Grace Suen - 2018
Assistant Director (Strategic Planning),
Competition Commission of Singapore

You learn from the best!

Fauziah Zulfitri - 2018
ACC & Director, Insight Indonesia

Give it a try! Anyone can benefit from this course! We facilitate relationships all the time!

Angie - 2018

It has many hands-on experience, and not delivered with just boring lectures.

Ms Lijun - 2018
Yishun Health

I have attended a few retreats conducted by FNS and I find that amongst all the consultants that we have engaged so far, FNS seems to understand the corporate culture in Singapore the best.

Former APEC Secretariat staff - 2018

If you want to become a professional facilitator, just join SPOT on Facilitation in Singapore

Somuk Ninatana - 2018
Certified Master Facilitator, Thailand

One’s confidence (in facilitation) will increase and new techniques learnt can be applied immediately.

Mathiranan Thisu - 2018

As long as you need to facilitate, you really won't want to miss this.

Chan Kuak Chow - 2018
Talent & Resource Manager

This course is helpful even if you do not intend to become a certified facilitator. You can learn how to achieve objectives through effective meetings and reduce unnecessary long meetings. Most importantly, learn to understand your teammates and how to work well with others.

Avena Tan - 2018

If your work requires facilitation then I will strongly recommend you to this programme

Go Choi Ling - 2018
Development Consultant - Takecharge Asia

Be open minded as there are always new things to learn (and apply), as we will always be facilitating meetings or brainstorming ideas.

Kylie Yeo - 2018
Engineer, Roche

You get to role play in a safe environment, test the processes on yourself to see what works, and learn and grow your skills.

Lilyana Gan
Senior Executive, Government Agency

Lots of practical hands on exercise rather than just theory talk. Gained useful skills.

Eleanor Toh

Highly recommended! Heavy session but very effective! The way how the training is designed makes the learning more effective and engaging!

Jane Xu - 2018
Head of Talent Management & Learning,
Adidas, S.E.A.P. A. C

It is! Just do it. This workshop will help to make your meeting outcome, more productive and efficient. It will also give you tools to handle every discussion.

Gordon Gawl
HR Administrator, Business/Japan

Full insight and very hands-on workshop. Good course to have insight into facilitation.

Pricilia Teo

Teaching of tools and concept is taught in session and demonstrated. Trainer explains rationale behind process. Very credible trainers.

Human Resource Head, Government Agency

Thank you very much for your great 3day facilitation training! Actually today I have also done another meeting based on your training. This is the 2nd meeting of HR global HR functions. At the 1st meeting, we gave a lot of input for participants and to be honest it was not effective. This time, I showed 3Os as well as great question for brainstorming. After the silent brainstorming, they share their answers each other, respectively with team members. So what was happening? They really discuss a lot, I have never seen... After that, I have successfully identify the most important action with voting. Some of participants want to learn facilitation from me, this is amazing!

Yasushi Nakai

Many people has a misconception on the real definition of facilitation, and hence facilitation technique and tools are also misunderstood to a great extent. This workshop not only clarifies the definition, but it allows you to learn, practice and has a feel in real time about the importance and effectiveness of good facilitation in our everyday life.

Loh Chee Ming

Besides the art and science of facilitation, it teaches you soft skills and awareness of your surroundings. Its an all encompassing workshop.

Ray Chang
Manager (frontline customer operations),
Government Agency

Come with an open mind. Discard all thoughts on traditional facilitation.

Ms Puah Mui Kiang
Fiona, Christ Church Secondary

There are lots of takeaways that will be unique to every participation.

Liz Chan
Educational Development Specialist, Ngee Ann Poly

Great workshop and very refreshing. Great style of facilitation and very simple and highly applicable strategies to implement It create an impact in the teachers to be more enthusiastic and eager to implement such useful and enlightening strategies.

Teacher – Unity Secondary School 2016.
Participant in Facilitation for Teachers Workshop.

It was very useful. Andrew's session was like a mirror, it made us reflect and admit to ourselves. Alvin's session was an eye opener. I learned a lot on social entrepreneurship from him.

Nelson Chow Zhan Hoong
Student, NUS (AIESEC)

Yes, an eye opening for self contrary belief.

Johnson Ng

It is totally different from the regular facilitation course.

Khairuddin Bin Alias,
Singapore Prison Service

Yes, most definitely. Both sessions were very relevant and had multiple take-away and had applicable advice.

Charlottee Lourdes
HR Professional

Session were very useful 1) One Conceptual and Model based 2) Application on implementation - How ideas are getting implemented?

Rakesh Seth
Senior VP, Fedders Lloyd Corporation Ltd.

Very Useful. The talk (Self-leadership) by Andrew Bryant was very enlightening. It really opened my mind. Alvin introduced me to a couple of things I was unfamiliar before.

Aditya Swami
Student, NUS (AIESEC)

Yes! My key take away from this session a)To ask "Why" in all my own decision making b)Technology

Sheela Devi
Manager, OCBC

Yes. Opened my mind to new possibilities and it was really useful as a networking event. Met a lot of contacts.

Tan Hong Wee

Yes. Very interactive, learning through play is a very good way of learning.

Wang Rongxin
Agilent Technologies

It is a skill, that if used/practised often; can yield fabulous results. Very hands-on, practical cases, relevant in today's context.

Ong Chai Lin
Lecturer, Singapore Polytechnic

It's gonna change your perception of facilitation!

Grace Suen
Assistant Director (Strategic Planning),
Competition Commission of Singapore

Yes. Learnt some new techniques and interesting useful technology.

Jane Lai
Vice President, OCBC

Loved the cupcake session - People approach me all the time for people or processes I know.

Roshini Ganesan

Yes. It provide me with new ways of facilitating training session ie Cupcake decoration and story telling.

Celine Veron Chai
Life Dynamics Training and Developmental Center

A practical-oriented session which equips me with skillsto facilitate. It is a safe environment here to be exposed to as many pitfalls and limitations will help all of us to learn!

Eddie Lim
Catalyst Training & Consultancy

You will learn different techniques/skills that you might not have heard before. You'll be able to engage your audience better!

Tina Chua
JTC Corporation, Manager (OE)

Yes. Got recommended to Prabu Naidu - Get to know other people - and "Cup Cakes" making can be FUN!

Sue Teo
Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd.

Loved how Pam bought learning through a creative mode - Loved how co-fellow travellers paused to share and listen stories in a process I believe in.

Natasha Dalmia

We enjoyed the facilitation course and Paul’s training/ guidance in using the different facilitation tools. It was an enriching workshop with many takeaways. Thanks to Paul.

Tina Chua
Manager (Org Excellence)

We could inject fun & interactivity into the driest/boring topic.

Tina Jessamiene Goh,

Extremely useful well thought out and organized.

Ajith Aiyar

I have gained tools, skills sets that I can use & apply in my course of work. I have especially learnt the fine lines between all topics of 'facilitating' & it has helped me make more informed decision on my path. The constructive feedback given by the facilitators and the rest have truly led me down a road of self awareness. I have a new found respect for my facilitators through this session! I have a new idea on the concept of it & its applications. I AM MUCH MORE INSPIRED NOW TO PURSUE THIS JOURNEY FURTHER! It is by far one of the most eye-opening and self-reflecting workshops I have ever attended. It's worth every minute & cents spent.

Cassandra Gayle Anthonisz
HCA Hospice Care

Thanks Paul and everyone for a meaningful workshop...fantastic to have met new friends and to catch up with familiar people again. Keep the facilitation fire burning!

Mike P A Tan

As Henry Ford said, “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.” And that one day, I never felt younger! I sincerely enjoyed the teamwork and the openness to share and make facilitation better than ever.

Regina Chua
DD Consulting Pte Ltd

The real-life sharing was very useful. It's a very safe environment to try new ways of facilitation.

Chang Hui Chang

I value more of the content neutrality as a base for successful facilitator. I am more knowledgeable about the value facilitators can add to any kind of business. I believe the group homogeniety have helped create a safe learning environment. There was no show off or free riding.

Ashraf Osman
Founder & Brand Member SMCI

Thanks Paul for sharing your great ideas and constructive viewpoint. I certainly came in to the class with a jolt and i will certainly create a bang for my participants in future. Oh, that's just a week from now!

Reg Chua

Useful to review my work as a service element. I am planning to talk to my colleagues about this!

M Bala

Got the SPOT book today. Thank you. It probably arrived much earlier as I only got in today. Flipping through the book and I’m having very positive vibes about it. The debriefing techniques...3-2-1 and 4R are pretty cool. Already it is building up my facilitation repertoirre. I glanced through and noted many useful and practical tips! Congrats, indeed a job well done, both of you. Thank you.

Mohd Ramzah Singgun
Petronas Malaysia

This workshop is catered for everybody as in our daily life, we did do some facilitation just that we did not realise it.

Yang Kai Lin
Estate Manager (HDB)

Received your SPOT on Facilitation book. Have been reading it since I opened my letter box at 6pm. But can’t stop. This is captivating. Million thanks!

Lim Kuan Yeow
Singapore Naval Diving Unit, Training
Development Officer

Yes. Worth my Saturday time investment

Ong Teong Wan

Becoming aware of possibilities - within myself (learning context). Changed tremendously. I feel that with the given tools, facilitation is POWERFUL!

Chang Kai (PA)

The practice has really given me confidence to experiment with the tools and try them in real-life situations with a confidence of success. Content delivery was very good. Facilitative trainer was very entertaining and credible. And open too. Practice session were alot of fun. Duration of 3 days is just nice for a foundational course. Courseworks were excellent. It's a solid foundational course in terms of content and practice. You will, at work, come away with the ability to design + facilitate a short workshop effectively.

Timothy Nga
Actor, Conference Facilitator, Facilitative
Trainer, Business Role Player

Very useful. Interesting, insightful and interactive. Well done! It was a good 'facilitation' session. Everyone had a chance to speak in a fun supportive environment. So the level of learning was high.

Savitri Iyer

Yes! Excellent presentation

James Das

I have learnt how facilitators can be effective in engaging and inducing responses from participant. The level of interaction and feedback amongst the participant.

Chua Kuok Wei,
Singapore General Hospital

Great hands-on experience! Session surpassed my expectations!

Teacher, Singapore

I like the questions that were asked and the facilitation techniques of group discussion and role play.

Cindy Yeo
Managing Director, Citadel Search Pte Ltd

The actual experience of facilitation using the tool and understanding the roles and functions of team members. If your role requires facilitation, this is the programme.

Constance Mak
Singapore General Hospital

The tools learnt were very useful and interesting. It really stressed the point to be content neutral. It can be a very difficult task, but it really helps the participants explore and develop. The many opportunities to practice. Not only facilitate, but also observe, critique and learn from each other. It is an intensive 3 days workshop that combines learning, active participation and observation. The activities are very interesting and learning is very rich. This workshop is ideal for those who are motivated and really want to learn more facilitation.

Kelvin Tan
St Joseph's Institution