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FNS Volunteer Facilitator (VF)

FNS ‘SPOT on Facilitation’ (previously known as Foundational Facilitation Workshop, FFW) graduates who are interested in pursuing international certification as part of their professional development can apply to join us as FNS Volunteer Facilitators to provide facilitation services to charities and not-for-profit organisations on a pro-bono basis. Contribute to your personal corporate social responsibility, hone your facilitation skills and add to your facilitation track record at the same time!

FNS Associates

We welcome experienced professionals who has a keen interest in facilitation to join us as associates in offering facilitation services to our clients. Mid-career professionals and retirees who are exploring a next career and are keen to learn facilitation skills are welcomed too. To apply, please submit your CV to

Recognizing and Understanding Bias

We live in an ever more diverse World – China is now the largest English speaking nation, for the first time we will soon have 4 generations in the workplace at the same time, on-line interaction is rapidly replacing face-to-face communication and so the need to need to appreciate

Dreams Know No Boundaries

Dreams know no boundaries. They are subjectively-personalised but objectively-perceived. Are dreams only meant to give people hope that something better awaits them, yet more often than not, unattainable due to a whole host of factors, the most common being financial sacrifice, relationship commitments and plain inertia?

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