Virtual Facilitation Workshop™ (VFW 3.0)

Virtual Facilitation Workshop™ (VFW 3.0)

Better Meetings. Webinars. Training. Anytime. Anywhere. Online.

Timing is 9:00am to 4:00pm.
Fee is SGD880 before GST.

SkillsFuture Credit Approved

“Please email if you wish to attend this training. We will then mutually set a date with you”

For Whom:

For Process Facilitators, Trainers and Meeting Leaders who want to master the techniques and knowledge to conduct productive online (virtual) sessions.

What you will take away:

  • Preparing your workspace for virtual meetings and training using FNS VWLABS3 Check points.
  • Conducting Tech Check. Back-up and Contingency Arrangements.
  • Testing your Bytes & bits for Effective Connectivity. FNS Tech Support Role.
  • Opening a Virtual session. FNS 4D Facilitation™ Model.
  • Preparing for virtual meetings with GOAB-P. Virtual Energisers.
  • Using Zoom functions for productive virtual meetings & training.
  • Questioning Techniques. Listening for the unspoken and Surfacing Assumptions.
  • Scribing & notetaking in the virtual world. Crafting concise & precise statements.
  • Summarising & Synthesising.
  • Managing Difficult Participants with SIODA.
  • Virtual Participatory Engagement Techniques (vPETs) for Collecting, Sorting & Organising ideas.
  • Using the vWall® – a Virtual tool.
  • Closing a Virtual session.


Participants will set up and use electronic stickies and Zoom as they progressively learn how to get the best out of the hardware and software by applying proven & tested techniques in virtual engagement.

The knowledge & skills gained in this workshop can be applied in meetings, webinars and training / learning situations where the participants can be in distributed locations and at different time zones and hence attend synchronously or asynchronously.

Logistical details:

  1. All participants must have reliable internet connectivity and a quiet place, uninterrupted work or study desk.
  2. Video will have to be enabled throughout the session.
  3. Once registration is confirmed, pre-work pack will be emailed.
  4. Certificate of Participation will be emailed after the workshop for those who complete 100% of the workshop.


The fee for the two-day workshop is SGD880 (before GST) for one person.
Discounts and Scholarships are available for Charities, NGOs and Individuals from developing countries.


For enquiries and registration, please email


  • I learned many new tips and techniques and am now able to lead better meetings online.
  • The course is very practical and easy to understand even for a non-technical person like me.
  • Typically, online meetings can be inefficient, but this course has showed me otherwise.
  • Everyone was able to participate, contribute and focus despite the limited time frame. What a great approach!
  • Practicum using real case as case study/ exercise.
  • It’s very informative and lively. The trainer is very experienced and is an expert of the subject.
  • Insightful. Observations and tips for improvement by the trainers are spot-on. Good to learn from each other as a group, what are the strengths of each participant and areas for improvement.
  • Very insightful. Learned quite a few tips to be a better virtual facilitator.
  • Trainers are very professional.
  • Trainers are very engaging and best bits are when they are able to value add to our methods and approaches. Their observations are on point. Established a very friendly learning environment.
  • Joy of learning and practise!
  • Trainers showed the good team work to help each other. And getting feedback from audiences occasionally during the session is very impressive.
  • Sharing by participants.

vWall image for LinkedIn

  • vWall® allows you to intuitively capture and instantly analyse ideas from your team, or any group of people from any part of the world at any time.
  • You can set up a brainstorming session & invite anyone who has a web enabled device in a few minutes.
  • Posts can reach your wall from anywhere in the world, anytime.
  • Your participants can see what is going on, and you remain in control.
  • You decide when participants can add posts and when you want to facilitate the discussion.
  • Posts can be grouped, prioritised and analysed at the click of a button.
  • Export your data in a variety of formats for subsequent reporting.

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The INIFAC Certified Virtual Facilitator™ (CVF™):

Focuses on the facilitator’s experience in using virtual platforms while facilitating meetings. This credential is for anyone who leads virtual meetings and wants to distinguish themselves as someone who has completed a quantifiable performance review by a trained virtual facilitation assessor. This certification confirms you know how to conduct and participate in virtual meetings effectively.