FNS Volunteer Facilitator (VF)

1. What is the FNS Associates Programme?

The FNS Associates Programme (FNS AP) is open to Foundational Facilitation Workshop (FFW) graduates who are interested in pursuing process facilitation international certification as part of their professional development and in offering process facilitation as a service to FNS clientele. They are not employees of FNS. They are participating on a ‘contract for service’ basis.

2. Why did FNS initiate this programme?

We have received many requests for advanced training on process facilitation from the graduates of FFW. Additionally, we are increasingly being asked by clients locally and regionally to provide process facilitators and facilitative trainers. To meet these demands, we initiated the FNS Associates Programme.

3. Why must there be a programme? Why not invite anyone to offer services to your clients?

In keeping with FNS’ quality assurance policy, we want to ensure that we recommend well-trained, proven and credible process facilitators and facilitative trainers to the market place. This way, we are also fulfilling our mission of raising the level of competency of process facilitation profession and enhance the credibility of the profession.

4. Who can participate in the FNS Associates Programme?

This is specially designed for FFW graduates who wish to pursue internationally recognised facilitator certification and/or interested in offering process facilitation as a service.

5. Why must they be FFW graduates?

We do this to ensure that everyone in the cohort has attained a minimum level of competency in process facilitation and a common foundation and language. It is like basic military training that all soldiers go through!

6. What is included in the FNS Associates Programme?

The programme is dynamic, in concert with the demands of the marketplace, international certification requirements and the needs of our FFW graduates. We plan to include specialised components like: Roger Schwartz’s Ground Rules, Dynamic Facilitation, Appreciative Inquiry, SOAR (Strengths, Opportunity, Aspiration and Results), Future Search, Polarity Management, Assessment instruments, Journal research, Video feedback on actual sessions, and other emergent methods.

7. Is this a fixed curriculum?

The FNS Associates Programme will be modular and flexible to cater to the diversity, prior expertise/experience of the participants who enrol in it. However, we expect the participants to complete the activities within a 12 month calendar period. There will be some recurring activities on an annual basis to maintain currency.

8. What are the benefits of the FNS Associates Programme?

These would include: Scholarships to FNS events, paid assignments with our clients, coaching for CPF/CMF certification, discounted fees for FNS events, local & overseas networking, coaching new volunteer facilitators, listing of photo and bio on FNS website, and other developmental opportunities.

9. Is this a free programme?

Some minimal investment will be required. This will go towards recovering the costs of administering this programme. We intend to keep the programme fees affordable in accordance with our mission to grow the skills of the facilitation community and to be the leading regional hub of highly competent process facilitators.

10. Must I go through the Associates Programme to seek international certification?

NO! Anyone can go directly to IAF CPF or INIFAC CMF certifications. There is NO need to join the Associates Programme to seek certification. Joining the Associates Programme will provide for progressive development, peer support, and coaching.

11. When will it start?

You may register anytime, sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement and then follow a 12 month calendar.

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