The Future of Events

The Future of Events

A great discussion by industry leaders on changes and innovations in the meetings and events industry in the next 3-5 years.

The Future of Events

By Marriott and PCMA #PCMAcl
This excellent summary of trends is very relevant to the immersive work we do with clients using visual tools and graphic facilitation. Groups are energized by the content we create through graphic recording and community sharing walls, leading to deeper immersion and forming of informal discussion groups and relationship building (tribalisation). Participants also want to be able to have a hand in the design of their own learning journey. Visual knowledge walls, interactive visual support materials, visual agendas- all of these support the non- linear learning journey of a “content safari”.
Great thoughts in the video for meeting planners, facilitators, agenda designers, venue partners. Here is a quick summary below of the points in the video.

SENSORY ANALYTICS – Capture an events pulse with the Internet of Things
What it means: Collect data, analyze it, and make valuable adjustments in real time.
Planners and venues: need to be the ultimate chameleons, quickly adapting to participants’ needs.

TRIBALISATION – Cultivate kinships to elevate outcomes
What it means: Main goal of meeting attendees will shift away from content consumption, to the forming of relationships. This is about collaboration, crowdsourcing, co-creation
Planners and venues: will need to offer adaptable spaces and collaborative technology that elevate tribes to higher outcomes

CONTENT SAFARIS Empower the non-linear journey
What it means: Participants want the freedom and ability to customize their learning experience.
Planners and venues: will need to provide the platform with which to do this, and will need to be prepared to restructure agendas on a moments notice

LIVING 360º – Move beyond wellness to wholeness
What it means: Include emotional, social, and spatial dimensions to your event
Planners & venues: will be judged on new wholeness scores that quantify wholeness based on increased creativity and productivity.

IMMERSIVE TELEPRESENCE – captivate your virtual audience
What it means: Heighten the emotional and physical connections between virtual audiences
Planners and venues: will need to create co-ordinated and cohesive experiences that appeal to both in person and virtual participants

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